I am a dedicated journalist equipped with strong graphic and filming skills, as well as professional experiences in top media outlets in Italy, Germany, and the US. I am committed to focus on the context that gives news their meaning. I strive for objectivity but prioritize transparency.

I have a bachelor degree in communication at the University of Milan and Cardiff University, and a master degree in journalism at HMKW Berlin.

After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles to work in a multimedia and event production company. I learned how to operate cameras and sound equipment, to write audiovisual stories, and to work on their post-production using Premiere Pro, After Effects and Pro Tools. After leaving the company I kept working as a freelancer on logo reveals, video edits and various animations, strengthening skills that are very useful for my present work as video journalist.

During this period I became less interested in fiction and more in real stories. I pursued this interest as a research analyst for RTL 102.5, the leading Italian radio station.  I also helped coordinate the successful launch of two new radio stations, Radio Zeta and Radio Freccia, both among the twenty most listened in Italy.

During this time I also started to work as a freelance journalist, an occupation that satisfied my curiosities in a much broader way, and to which I eventually decided to dedicate my full time. Currently, I leave in Berlin and work as a reporter for Deutsche Welle.

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